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June: Exographer demo can be played on Steam !

Exographer is an exploration game steeped in science. Stranded on an unknown planetoid, you discover the secrets of a vanished civilization. Get new powers to overcome obstacles, and use your camera to reveal hidden particles and clues.

Follow InI on a rescue mission on an unknown world. Discover the remains of a vanished civilization and gain new powers to overcome different obstacles. Use your camera to reveal puzzles posed by ancient machines.

Explore more than 20 levels through 6 different atmospheres, and reach inaccessible areas thanks to the powers you learn. Face areas of puzzles and platforms in a non-linear structure.

Exographer has been developed by SciFunGames studio, imagined by science-fiction author and physicist Raphaël Granier De Cassagnac. The puzzle solving in the game is based on the discovery of elementary particles.

The world of Exographer is built through a pixel art aesthetic of incredible detail, which never ceases to amaze. Enjoy the soundtrack composed by Yann Van Der Cruyssen (Stray).

Exographer trailer

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